We just recently watched 2 good movies that were actually very clean.

Akeelah and the Bee-this was off of the recommendation of a friend from Columbus.  It’s about a girl from the ghetto that spells really well-who goes on to the national spelling bee.  It’s kind a fun underdog story that isn’t sports related.  There are a couple of cuss words but it was AWESOME to find a PG movie that was good!

Nanny Express-movie made by Faith and Family.  It was a cute romantic comedy.  It didn’t have the super shallowness and predictablity of hallmark movies-at least no more shallow than 27 dresses per say.  Yet, it had the same clean feel.

27 dresses-cute story line–a little shallow.  Unfortuneately, there was some bad language–bad enough to bother me.  I wouldn’t stick it on my clean list unless I had clearplay.