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Brain Surgery

John showed me this last night.  We had a good laugh!


I couldn’t decide which of these I wanted to share so I’m sharing them both.  This guy is pretty talented!

Youtube-Star Wars Parody

 I never got into starwars nearly as much as John…but I appreciated this youtube clip.  Funny!  Who knew that cello bows could become light sabers?

I’ve seen this many times and I still love it as so many things ring true in our household!

Russian Music Box Dancers

I love this!  It is simply AMAZING that these kids can do this!  Wow!

Youtube–the Beatles Cartoon

I’m a sucker for the Beatles.  One day I thought I’d expose the kids to their music!  We watched a few of the Beatles cartoons on youtube–they were quite a hit and overpowered movie time for a spell!  The Beatles–definitely CLASSIC!

Follow up on Psych

A few weeks ago, I recommended the tv series Psych as being pretty clean and hilarious.  Interestingly, we watched season 4, 3, and 2 before we watched season 1.  I would recommend doing the same.  The first season was a little bit naughty (mostly just the first episode) and I wanted to clarify that–We are still getting our nightly Psych fix as I picked up season 5 from the library just a couple of days ago.  and I still love it but it is interesting to watch season 1 unravel and develop into what it is now.

Halloween Movies

Obviously, Halloween is just around the corner.  We’ve had some fun with Halloween movies.  I’m not into the gore of Halloween but it has been fun watching some suspenseful, semi scary movies in light of the holiday.  Here are some of our favorites:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow-Disney version

Wait until dark


Rear Window


Young Frankenstein

Hold that Ghost

Ghost breakers


North by Northwest

We really like Alfred Hitchcock.  I think he was way ahead of his time and made mysterious wonders using a fraction of the technology we have now without the gore of contemporary ghoulish films.  What are some of your favorites?

Some Movies to add to my list

I’m very proud of my mom….after years of being in denial of every wanting to watch an English period drama…ie Pride and Prejudice, she FINALLY broke down and watched and liked it (might I add!).

This week has been unusual indeed as we’ve been inundated with movies.  We put a ton on reserve and they all came in at once–many on 14 day loan.  We haven’t made it through all of them yet but we watched a good part of PBS’s Sherlock put out in 2011.  It’s fantastic!  It’s a modern Sherlock who text messages his colleague and uses modern things like laptops and other technology….very interesting.  If you haven’t seen this  “Sherlock Holmes” starring Robert Downing Jr. also fairly new, I’d highly recommend it.  It’s about 98% clean with a one line reference that’s a little shady. 

Recently, we watched the folloowing:

Nacho Libre-John makes an awesome Jack Black “Ignacio” imitation.  This movie is fun.  We kind of got on a Jack Black kick and watched School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda afterward.

School of Rock-Jack Black is a little intense in this one.  I thought the story was fun though.  There are a few cussers in this one. 

Kung Fu Panda-very cute animated film.

Napoleon Dynamite-Some funny one liners.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-also a Robert Redford film.  We’re kind of suckers for robbery movies.  This is a good one!

How to Steal a Million-with Audrey Hepburn…we really liked that one.  I don’t recall seeing it before so it was refreshing to see an old movie that was good and new to us.

Out of Africa-Robert Redford movie.  I really like Robert Redford. 

Adventure of Sherlock’s smarter brother-John said this is pretty funny although I have a problem lately of falling asleep during movies.  Gene Wilder is in this.  Obviously, we’ve been on a Sherlock roll.  I seem to remember a scene in this movie that wasn’t squeaky clean.  The main girl also plays the role of fiance in the movie “what’s up Doc?”  It made me want to rewatch that one too!  That is a great classic!

Start the revolution without me.  Gene Wilder is in this too.  It’s pretty funny and quite quotable.

Castaway cowboy-has James Garner in it.  Kind of a different kind of cowboy movie where an navy deserter ends up in the Hawaiian islands and tries to train a bunch of islanders to cowboy up and catch cows. 

We got the “forysyte saga” in and we were going to watch it but realized that seasons 2 and 3 have gotten here and 1 hasn’t….

We’ve put a bunch of our favorite Halloween movies on reserve.  What are your favorites?

English Films

Period dramas are fun at least for us Craws!!  A game that we love to play is to figure out what other movies different actors are from.  John is much better than I at this game.  The number of English films with which we are familiar has doubled, tripled etc. so now it’s much harder because the actor pool is so much larger.  Here are some English films that we’ve recently watched and really enjoy.

the Young Victoria

the new Emma

Larkrise to Candleford

Pride and Prejudice (of course)-Our favorite is the 5 hour version with Colin Firth

Sense and Sensibility both the one with Hugh Grant and the newer one.  I think I prefer the newer one.

Persuasion-I like the old persuasion.  The newer one has too many moving running scenes.  But, the music is good!

Little Dorrit-so good—it’s a Dickens…the main guy is Mr. Darcy from the Kierra Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice.

Bleak House-I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this film.  I thought it was going to be very bleak.  It was a fun movie with lots of episodes.

Downton Abbey-This was a great movie.  There is a bit of a brief gay scene that I wasn’t expecting where you see 2 men kissing.  But over all it is very interesting but should have stopped after the 2nd season.  I think it turned into a soap opera after that and we quit watching it.

Daniel Deronda-I liked this movie a lot.  In fact, I learned a bit more about jewish history than I knew from this movie.  Well done!

He knew he was right-Loved this movie.  It portrayed well how one can let a little thing that bugs in a relationship spiral out of control if we let it.


North and South (not to be confused with the North and the South)

Wives and Daughters

Some movies–also mostly English but a little faster moving and a different style, that have made our list include:

Lorna Doone-starring Martin Clunes

The importance of being earnest

Foyle’s War

Horatio Hornblower

John Adams

Jeeves & Wooster-seasons 1 & 2

Amazing Grace

1st and 2nd disc of Dinner of Herbs they should have stopped after disc 2 but it’s an interesting story nonetheless.

this is not English but takes place in Africa…also a series but for something different:

No. 1 ladies detective agency-I think HBO may have made this…I’m not sure.  I read the books first for a book club years ago.  They were very quick reads and very different from your run of the mill book.  It takes a little bit of time to get into the movie (mostly because it is so different) but it is well done and the main charactor is very clever indeed.

Sherlock: love it!  This is really fun modern version of Sherlock Holmes.

Upstairs Downstairs:  haven’t seen yet

Call the Midwife: haven’t seen yet

THIS IS NOT BRITISH but the Kennedys was really interesting and thought provoking.  This had Katie Holmes in it and Greg Kinnear.  It spurred a lot of questions and prompted a whole lot of research.