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More Picture books

Duck at the door-Jackie Urbanovic

Sheep in a jeep-Nancy Shaw

It’s the bear-Jez Alborough

The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry, and the big hungry bear-Don and Audrey Wood

Jamberry-Bruce Degan

more picture books

I had a very positive response when I posted some of the recent picture books we’ve enjoyed last week and thought maybe I’ll post a few every week. Please continue share your favorites too and I’ll put them on reserve at the library and let my kids enjoy them too! These books are for a younger audience than I posted last week but classic nonetheless. The thing I love about books (especially board books/rhyming books) is that as your kids grow from toddler to school age they regress back to the younger books when they are the readers and these books get loved all over again. Here are 5 well loved books at our house:

You can do it Sam Amy Hest—this one doesn’t rhyme but it has that get the kids sleepy kind of rhythm kind of like “Goodnight Moon”

Fix it Duck by Jez Albourough

Hand Hand Fingers Thumb by Al Perkins

The bear wants more by Karma Wilson

The napping house by Audrey Wood

Picture books

I always feel a bit sheepish reading the amount of reading done by some other bloggers because, I struggle even reading my scriptures (of course, I find the time to watch Psych @ night).  I feel somewhat justified by the not a small number of books I read as a teenager (of course sappy love novels count right?).  These days, my reading doesn’t advance too far past picture books.  Picture books aren’t all created equal however!  I enjoy a good book with few words,  that rhymes, has a cute story and great pictures.  I also enjoy having recommendations because pulling them off the library shelves doesn’t always work for me!  Here are a few of the books that we’ve liked from the library recently.  Some of these were recommend by The Friend (our church’s children’s magazine), some the librarian, and others I think we just pulled off the shelf (not all of these books fill every requirement listed above).  What are some of your favorite picture books?

1.  I heard said the bird by Polly Berends

2.  You can’t rush a cat by Karleen Bradford & Leslie Elizabeth Watts

3.  A gift by Yong Chen

4.  T Rex is missing a Barkers book

5.  Not enough beds by Lisa Bullard

6.  The King’s Taster by Kenneth Oppel

Healthy Sleep Habits-Happy Child

I got to get up @ 5 am this morning with the child–the baby who usually sleeps until at least 7.  Not happy about this.  Sleep–or the lack thereof is probably the single most influential factor in determining our family size (crying is a close 2nd–I’m getting to old to play the guessing game of why baby is crying!).  We’ve definitely had our share of sleepless nights.  No matter how many I have, I don’t seem to like them any better.

Growing up, I don’t think we really had an established routine with an early bedtime.  We all just tried to be in bed by 10 pm.  I’m not saying that was the wrong thing to do.  But, because we didn’t have a schedule, I was pretty much clueless when I was expected to plan one for my child.  One of my college nursing instructors recommended Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s book “Healthy Sleep Habits-happy child”  to help address my ignorance in this matter.  This book was so helpful to me.

Despite a great number of sleepless nights, all of our kids have become great sleepers and still (even with the oldest at age 8) require nearly 12 hours of sleep every night.  This is how I’ve been able to manage all of these years.  If one knows  that after 7 pm–there is generally solitude-it’s easier to press forward and make it to the end of the day.

Although my precious sleep was stolen from me by my little thief in the night-I’m hopeful that he too will follow the path of his siblings and become a great sleeper.  If you are trying to get your baby on a schedule or you are tired of being tired–given that your tiredness comes from babies not sleeping-check out this  book.  It’s great!  I love that Dr Weissbluth is an MD and played a very active role as a parent.  The book goes from month to month and explains what these little guys are physiologically capable of–sleepwise and what to expect as far as their natural sleep rhythms developing (at what age etc)–how to sleep train.  I really love this book and am a firm believer that if mommies particularly and children have healthy sleep habits-everyone’s happier!

Making more milk

My baby turned a year old on Saturday.  I nursed him for the last time on his birthday.  It’s kind of a sobering thought.  I’ve nursed all 4 of my babies and I just ended this chapter of my life.  Nursing was not as easy as I imagined it to be.  During nursing school, after learning about the benefits of breastfeeding, I developed a very negative opinion about women who didn’t nurse their babies.  Amazing how experience provides ample opportunity to become less judgemental.  I still am certainly an advocate for breastfeeding.  I realize now-sometimes there can be a few bumps in the road.  This last go around, I was encountering the normal 3-4 month old baby-difficulty breastfeeding doldrums.  I e-mailed a good friend of mine with some questions and a few days later the book “Making more milk” showed up in my mailbox.  My friend ordered it for me. Aren’t friends awesome?  I have a lot of amazing friends!  Thank you Andrea for sharing this book with me.  It helped answer a lot of my questions and I’m thrilled to have been able to nurse my last baby all the way up to a year old.