This blog is my personal blog-a place to share my opinions and my experiences with things.  Over the years, I’ve discovered that I have a knack for being resourceful.  As much fun as it would be to be compensated for my resourcefulness, I am NOT compensated.  I am not an affiliate to any internet company.  I pass along deals on this site solely to help other people benefit from some of the same money saving strategies that I have.  I find these deals in a variety of places and will do my best to ALWAYS give credit to the sites from which they came. 

I like to point to people in the direction of good deals.  I like to help people make better educated choices when they are voting.  I like to share beautiful things from creative people.  I don’t particularly consider myself creative…but if I could help someone (including myself) to be more creative and have a happier existence from creating something beautiful-I’m happy.  Occasionally, I’ll mention a site and suggest that you might list me as the person who refers you.  For example, swagbucks or shopathome does offer rewards to those who refer their friends to their sites.  If you’d like to do that, you are welcome to but DO NOT EVER FEEL OBLIGATED to do so.  As aforementioned, anything that I’ve posted here is for the benefit of my readers and I am not an affiliate. 

I use this blog as a filter of sorts.  There are a lot of really great blogs out there.  There are a couple that I am very fond of and use them regularly for coupon matchups and coupon databases.  I like to scroll the latest online deals.  It’s kind of my winding down routine when I take a little break from the kids.  I have a couple of food blogs that I turn too while making menus or trying to use up produce before it spoils.  Although I post coupon matchups too, or recipes…I feel more like an American restaurant blog without a specialty menu.  I don’t feel inclined to post all of the new coupons on (unless they are exceptional).  I don’t really take pictures of my grocery deals and steals.  I don’t really take pictures of the food I make.  The blogs from which I get the information do a great job of displaying whatever it was that I made.  I will give you the reference to the site that deserves the credit.    When I post things going on in the weekend, I often opt not to post things that cost $$$ or are on Sunday because I am dissuaded to participate because of these factors.  My blog is a filter.  I filter through what I read or experience and post what I feel is pertinent.  With that in mind, I really have nothing to disclose except perhaps a wish that you may enjoy reading my opinions and benefit from any of the other posts I share here.