Fred Meyer
avocados or mangoes-$.99
Half gallon milk or orange juice-$.99 with in ad coupon limit six

They had all of their Christmas stuff 75% off a few days ago. I don’t know if there’s anything left. Also Fred Meyer is almost always the cheapest place to buy lettuce. It is a dollar $.29 almost all the time. This week is an exception because Rosaurs has their lettuce on sale for $.99

Wednesday through Friday Avocados- .88
All week lucerne cheese 32 ounces-4.99 Great deal! Limit two
Hawaii’s own frozen juice-12 ounce one dollar
Pantry essentials bath tissue- 4.49 with in ad coupon
Boneless skinless chicken breast-1.99 a pound

Sweet crisp Fuji apples- .98 a pound Frozen veggies 12 to 16 ounce- .99 each Rosauers Weds Thursday sale Baguettes- .99 each
All week- Chicken breast-a dollar 78 a pound Navel oranges- .59 a pound
Western family Pasta 48 ounce-spaghetti elbow macaroni- 2.39
Round roast- 2.99 a pound
Western Farms English muffin- .99 each
Red, green, or Romain leaves S- .99 each great deal
Texas grapefruit-two for one dollar