Hi friends! here is the grocery store breakdown. Again-obviously-there are some great deals to be found at places like Winco or grocery outlet but they don’t have an ad! One thing that I’ve been looking and looking for a good deal on is pureed pumpkin because we LOVE LOVE anything pumpkin at our house. I haven’t found it for less than 1.50/15 oz even for generic. I just discovered that the dollar tree carries this (on line–maybe in stores too) but you can order it by the case to pick it up in the store. I’m thrilled! So to add to this list–1.00/15 oz can pureed pumpkin from the dollar tree. It’s a generic brand that I’ve never used but most of their things are ok and pureed pumpkin is pureed pumpkin! Anyway…thought I’d share!

Also, starting October 1 at Winco-they are supposed to have a caselot sale. if you make it there on the 1st–can you share any deals that stand out to you! I’d love to stock up on a bunch of things if the price is right?

WF english muffins 13 oz-.99
WF Salad dressing-1.25
WF Mustard-.69
Johnsonville brats-2.99
Halloween window clings-.99
Assorted squash-.59/lb
Green/red leaf lettuce-.89
Gala apples-.99/lb

Fresh Pineapple-2.49 ea
Jonagold apples-.98/lb
Assorted pork chops-1.77/lb
Bottom rump roast-3.47/lb
JM hot dogs-.88

Honeycrisp apples-1.99/lb
Signature home bath toilet paper/paper towels-3.99 W IN AD COUPON
16 oz essential everyday bacon-2.99 W IN AD COUPON
Malt O Meal assorted bagged cereal12.5-14.5 oz-.99
Quaker chewy bars-1.88
Pork sirloin chops/roast-1.79/lb
Breaded eye of round steak-Buy 1 get 2 free W IN AD COUPON
Seasoned chicken breast-Buy 1 get 2 free W IN AD COUPON
Mission tortilla chips-1.49 W IN AD COUPON
Essential everyday cooking oil-2.49
Red/golden delicious apples-.99/lb


Chicken breast-1.99/lb
Charmin basic-$5
Buy 10 mix and match get these items for .88-
Hunts ketchup
Brown and serve sausage
Hunts pasta sauce
Life cereal-1.99

1/2 gal Fred Meyer Milk/juice-.99 W IN AD COUPON
Thomas muffins/bagels-BOGO
Green giant frozen veggies-1.00
Red/green leaf lettuce-1.29
yellow squash/Zuchinni-.99/lb
Roma tomatoes-.89
FM sour cream-.99 W in ad coupon
FM cottage cheese-.99 W In ad coupon
Kroger saltines-.79 with in ad coupon
Socks-Buy one get one half price

All month
Tillamook Sour cream-.99
Hawaiis own juice-1.00
FlavRPac veggies-1.00
C & H Sugar 10#-5.00 with in ad coupon
Bandon Med cheddar block cheese-2/$6 Fair deal it would be like 1.50 for 8 oz