I always try to get informed before an election about the various candidates. It is pretty easy to get involved in the presidential election–one can watch debates etc. The other elected races are sometimes more difficult to find information about everyone running. This year, I found a great website which I’m thrilled about that has everything in one place for the most part. www.vote411.org

There were 3 few candidates that do not have have their info on vote411.org. I am also adding links to their sites so as to be thorough.
Sam Graves http://www.gravesforcongress.com/Groups/1000060519/Sam_Graves_for/Home/Issues/Issues.aspx

Ron Schieber: http://www.ronschieber.com/index.php/issues/
David Cox: http://www.coxforassessor.com/the-issues/

I never know about whether or not judges should be retained. It is often difficult to find information about them. Here is a great website I found today where you can see what peers/attorneys think about them: http://www.showmecourts.org/ Perfect! Anyway…thought I’d pass along this info so you can be informed and prepared to vote next Tues. I hope you find these sites as helpful as I did! 🙂