Here are some of this week’s best grocery deals. A couple of things to note if you have diaper wearing children-Price Chopper has a great deal on Luv’s (12.99 for 96 ct size 3). Also, back to school deals are in full swing. If you haven’t ever done Staples easy rebate-it’s a great way to score free school supplies. This week, you can get mechanical pencils, and ball point pens free after rebate (it is really easy and online). Also, you can get index cards for .01 as well as erasers. Lastly, I didn’t include the coupon matchups here. If you are interested in the matchups a good reference is and click on grocery stores. Happy shopping!


Through July 31

Pepperoni-3 oz $1

Bagels 11.5 oz 1.00

Roberts sourcream-1.00

BC soda 12 cans 1.99

BC bacon 1.99

Bing cherries 1.99


.79/pk tomatoes grape

.79/pk mushrooms

.99/2# bag red onions

.35 cucumbers

.49/pk little salad bar garden salad


Hyvee butter 1.88

Fresh ground beef 80% lean 1.77/lb GREAT DEAL

Charmin basic 4.99

Blue bunny ice cream 1.99

Hyvee yogurt .40

Hyvee half and half 1.89

Donut holes .10

BBQ sauce .69


Country style pork 1.49/lb

Green grapes 1.19/lb

BC 2 L soda .59 Exceptional deal

BC Bacon 1.99

Baby carrots 1.00

Pepperoni 1.00

BC tortillas 1.00

BC light bulbs 4 ct 1.00

BC tomato sauce .25 GREAT DEAL

Pork steak 1.99/lb


Bing cherries 1.88

Luv’s Diapers 60-96 ct 12.99 (FANTASTIC DEAL)


Watermelon 4.00

Buy 5 save $5

Ragu -.98

Skippy 1.49 after $5 instant savings—this is a great deal!