There are 3 more days left in the month and I still have nearly $90 left in my grocery budget.  This is certainly the exception rather than the rule as far as my grocery budget’s history.  Nonetheless, it’s kind of exciting….what to do with it????  Dave Ramsey would certainly recommend gathering that up into snowball form and toss towards our loan.  It’s been such a mild winter-we haven’t seen any snow….although I’m inclined to do just that, I have a couple of reservations….the price at the gas pump being one of them.  It’s kind of scary to me how much gas has gone up.  There are quite a few items that have been used in our storage that could use some restocking–staple things that rarely go on sale:  rice, shortening etc. that I think I’m going to stock up on before the cost of food jumps again.   Our med school debt is quite patient and we will be making a significant payment towards it this month but the $90 left–I think I’ll be using it to stock the pantry to the hilt–or at least as far as that $90 will take me!