February is almost over.  Amazing how quickly time flies.  I’ve spent the past couple of days looking at goals and reevaluating.  It’s nice to see progress made in some areas and I definitely have things I’m still working on.  This week and for next week I made a goal to review my goals because it’s really easy to forget what I was hoping to accomplish.  How are your goals coming that you made earlier this year?  Here are my goals from last week and new goals for next week.

This week–


Clean the island behind garbage can.

Clean blinds in kids room.

Hang Letters.

Look @ flylady daily.


Scriptures/Ensign q day

Start cont ed module

Review goals on Weds

Do something special for John


Read with Rachel.

Activity with Ben.


Piano with Lydia.


Read with Sam.

Here are some goals for this week:


Wash off the backs of the chairs and Ben’s chair particularly

Blinds in Ben’s room


Clean tub and shower

Dishes before bed.


Exercise x3

Start cont ed

Go visit 2 sisters from the church

Read scriptures daily


Make a gel bracelet with Rachel.

Help Lydia read and follow up with her book reading.

Read with him x 3 nights this week.

Take Ben somewhere fun.