There are very few things that I won’t share with my kids besides my bed.   After they are 2 months old–not a chance pal of sleeping in the kingsized bed.  But foodwise-most anything  is game.  There is one exception-KEEBLER graham crackers.  The ALDI generic is not the same.  About once a year, I splurge and buy the mother of all yummy graham crackers–KEEBLERS–and I don’t share.  They were 50% off @ Hyvee a couple of weeks ago.  But, they didn’t ring up 50% off.  The manager actually had rung up the given item–double checked the price on the shelf after I brought it to his attention and per their policy (if it the prices on the shelf and the price the item rings up for don’t match–the item is free–for you local yocals–this is the Hyvee on Englewood)–the item became FREE!   I didn’t realize this was their policy–all the Hyvee’s are owned by different people so the store policy varies….but I love it when store policies work in my favor.  This selfish indulgence was so good that because they were free-I even let the kids have a sample, this time!