Clean wall by entry door.

Finish cleaning blinds.

Dishes before bed.

Vacuum x2 whole house.  Got vacuumed once.  If it is decluttered enough to vacuum the whole thing that’s amazing–I’ll have to aim for this again next week.


Scriptures/ensign q day.

Exercise x 3 minimum.

Start next cont ed module.


Edit with Lydia.

Read with Rachel.

Play a game with Sam

Take pics of Ben.

This week–


Clean the island behind garbage can.

Clean blinds in kids room.


Hang Letters. John did this for me today!

Look @ flylady daily.


Scriptures/Ensign q day

Start cont ed module

Review goals on Weds

Do something special for John


Read with Rachel.

Activity with Ben.

Piano with Lydia.

Read with Sam.