I almost always have several things collected for the kids when their birthdays, Easter, etc. comes around so I don’t have to go pay full price for a gift on the appointed day. Most recently, I have started a small collection for myself of things I’ve purchased on clearance. Rather than using my purchases immediately-I’ve decided to hold off on my gratification and save them for later. I’ve decided that my finds can be a collection from which John can draw from when Valentine’s day or some other day when a similar societal expectation (or wifely expectation) requires a gift/token of love. John would most assuredly do well in the gift picking given the time. But, he is rarely able to find the time to go shopping so—a selfish collection of presents it is….just waiting to be gifted when the moment is right. It saves money…I get a fun present…and he gets to give me a present. A win win!