We go through a whole lot of tortillas.  My husband thinks I am part Mexican.  I’m pretty sure it’s my ability to tan (ha ha) and my fluent Spanish (even funnier–I can understand it well but without fail–when I try to respond–it comes out French).  More likely, it’s the amount of Mexican dishes (maybe I should say Americanized Mexican dishes) we consume.  I try to limit ourselves to Tuesday night Mexican-but sometimes I can’t help myself and we eat Mexican food other times during the week and snack heartily on bean burritoes and quesadillas.  At any rate, between sandwich making for lunch and our tortilla consumption-we end up with quite a number of tortilla “ZIPLOCKS” and empty bread bags.  I like to think we save a great deal of money by not using our small stash of ziplocks and not buying more–it probably isn’t a lot but it is one less thing to buy.  The tortilla sacks work great for anything a ziplock would be used for and the bread sacks work when my little sandwich containers for the kids’ lunches are dirty.  I reserve the right to use real ziplocks when it is something that would cause undue embarrassment for the kids (taking their boxtops for education in a tortilla sack? No).  Otherwise, my generic FREE, reusable, Ziplocks work just swell.