Dishes before bed. missed last night.

1 load of Laundry every day.  Complete loads today.  Still needs to be established as a habit….did have it in mind though.

Clean Fridge

Make 1 freezer meal-put a couple of marinades in the freezer


Read scriptures/ensign q day–did fairly well….still not a habit.

Contact 1 person that I haven’t been in touch with

Finish continuing education module


Do a craft with Rachel

Take pics of  Ben and the other kids 1/day-didn’t do so well….need to make it more of a habit

Lydia-organized piano lesson this week

Sam-Go do something one on one with Sam-didn’t do this either.

It was kind of a rough week for goals although I was able to accomplish a number of things that were not listed on my goal list like: taxes are done, the closet hanging rod got hung, the blinds in the living room got cleaned.  Here’s my goals for this week.


Clean wall by entry door.

Finish cleaning blinds.

Dishes before bed.

Vacuum x2 whole house.


Scriptures/ensign q day.

Exercise x 3 minimum.

Start next cont ed module.


Edit with Lydia.

Read with Rachel.

Play a game with Sam.

Take pics of Ben.