Near the beginning of December I bought the game “hungry hungry hippos” online from K-mart for the kids. The week before Christmas it went on sale for $5 cheaper than I bought it initially so I rebought it online (instore pickup so I could go through and got a cash refund on my first purchase. (It was too far from my initial purchase to just do a price adjustment so essentially, I returned it and rebought it for the less expensive price). I thought I had done everything I needed to do and even double checked with the k-mart employee to make sure she didn’t need to do anything on the computer to verify that I had picked up the 2nd purchase. About a week ago, I got an odd e-mail from saying they were sorry that I had cancelled my 2nd purchase and then they refunded my money. I called them and they apologized for the inconvenience (nice screen reading lady! J It’s certainly not an inconvenience to get an extra $10.74 in my bank account—although dishonest—it isn’t inconvenient) and took a phone # and said they’d look into it. I called back 2 days later because they didn’t call me back. The 2nd customer service rep looked into it and was very helpful. She said that it was a mistake on their part and because it was less than $10 before taxes (9.99) that they just write it off. She said that I could just keep the game or take it back if I chose but I didn’t need to repay for it. Well….we’ve already lost a couple of the marbles and so I chose to keep the merchandise. My conscience was glad I called. Apparently, being honest pays! Thank you K-mart for our free edition of hungry hungry hippos!-