Yesterday, I got my first check from once again verifying its legitimacy as a company.  If you aren’t familiar with shop at home, it is an online company that offers various amounts of cash back just for shopping through their site.  One of things I really like about shop at home is that it list all of the current promotions/coupons for each company then automatically applies that promotion when it redirects you to their site.  When your accumulated total amount of rebate money reaches $20-they’ll send you a check.  There are also other legit sites like that works in a similar method but every time a blog I’m looking at mentions to get additional savings-I’ve compared it with and shopathome wins in how much % back you get 9/10.  If you shop online from home at all you should go here and sign up and start earning cash back.  You’ll get a $5 introductory bonus and you can also get an extra $5 referral bonus for friends you refer to their site that purchase something through their site—you’ll be well on your way to getting your check too.  It’s my new favorite saving money strategy!