A few weeks ago, I was posting like mad on Craig’s list.  I sold our play kitchen to a guy who during our conversation while he was picking up the kitchen-told me he worked near the airport.  I listed the kitchen at $25.  He didn’t have the exact change for the kitchen and I didn’t have change for his second $20.  He offered to just mail it to me and I agreed.  It was fine.  I sent him my address and about a week or 2 later I got an envelope from Farmland foods with $5 enclosed.  There was also a receipt detailing substitution for ribs and sausage and I had absolutely no clue as to why I got this $5 from farmland so I called them.  They were clueless too and sent me a self addressed stamped envelope so that I could send it back and hopefully they could figure out the mystery.  I did as I was asked and only 2 days later while driving to Target-it dawned on me that the guy who bought the kitchen off of Craig’s list works for Farmland (by the airport) and had sent my $ without an explanation.  Ahhh!  I called farmland back and talked to the same person and revealed my vision of the mystery of the $5 cash from farmland.  We had a good laugh and she sent it back to me.   Too bad various companies didn’t just randomly choose me as their extra cash recipient!