I had a very positive response when I posted some of the recent picture books we’ve enjoyed last week and thought maybe I’ll post a few every week. Please continue share your favorites too and I’ll put them on reserve at the library and let my kids enjoy them too! These books are for a younger audience than I posted last week but classic nonetheless. The thing I love about books (especially board books/rhyming books) is that as your kids grow from toddler to school age they regress back to the younger books when they are the readers and these books get loved all over again. Here are 5 well loved books at our house:

You can do it Sam Amy Hest—this one doesn’t rhyme but it has that get the kids sleepy kind of rhythm kind of like “Goodnight Moon”

Fix it Duck by Jez Albourough

Hand Hand Fingers Thumb by Al Perkins

The bear wants more by Karma Wilson

The napping house by Audrey Wood