We started family councils every Sunday night just about a month ago. There are a lot of ideas always floating in my head about what we should do as a family. These things rarely get carried out and they later get forgotten. Family councils have provided a great outlet for these ideas.

Here is what we do:

I have a notebook that is ONLY for family council. I take notes on what we talk about. The next family council meeting, we review what was supposed to have taken place and evaluate how it went. Some of things that have made it into our Family council discussions include-chores—who and when? The kids get paid-they have the potential of earning up to .25 for doing their chores. We’ve had to set a time when I pay them (before movie night on Fridays). We also talk about things going on in everyone’s schedules. We have decided in family council that every other month we are going to plan a creative activity and then on the odd month do a service activity. I think you get the picture!

This has been really helpful for us to review what our family goals are.