I love when I have the forethought to throw a bunch of meals in the freezer meals. It makes life so much simpler and saves a whole lot….of what????

· Saves Money

· Saves Time

· Saves Clean up later

· Saves stress

· Saves me from myself and self pity–Nullifies the I don’t know what to cook card—Let’s eat out!

Amazing! Why haven’t I been doing this all of my life? In fact, why haven’t I been doing as many freezer meals lately? I need to jump back on the bandwagon. I started doing freezer meals because a friend of mine did them in Phoenix. She recommended this book. It is a great one for a beginning crash course on how to cook freezer meals including recipes. I don’t cook a month’s worth of freezer meals but I do like to have 5-6 things readily available when I want them. I think freezer meal cooking comes most naturally right after I buy a bunch of produce that needs to be used very soon, or right after I buy bulk meat and don’t exactly have room for it in the freezer. I also like to double recipes and throw the second half in the freezer. If I’m efficient-I can make 4-5 meals in an hour and I’m good to go for a few days. It’s awesome! However, I’m not always efficient….just trying to be more so. This week…I’m hoping to make a few freezer meals. What do you like to throw in the freezer?