Goals for this week


find home for donations

Reorganize the toys/craft items.  I did empty a box for the craft stuff….



Get John to install closet bar fastener.  John got a little distracted by his pinewood derby project.  I’ll try again next week.


Plan and execute Lydia’s birthday party

Play trains with Ben.

Finish chapter book and RAFT program with the kids.

Read with Rachel.

Read with Sam every night.-it hasn’t been every night but we have been working on it.


Read Scriptures/ensign q day missed 1 day but did well otherwise!

Get materials to start Rachel’s baby book (cardstock) and ribbon to hang the letters.

Post on Family blog

Begin next continuing education segment

Plan blog posts for the next week


Have kids prepare their tithing from chore money @ take it to church tomorrow.

Get adequate change for paying the kids for the rest of the month.

Establish a dinnertime and give the kids a 20 min warning that they need to take care of their responsible area before dinner–so that we don’t have to postpone dinner.

Remind kids to write in journals tomorrow.

I did well on my goals this week except on the house….ahhhh!  Always another week.  Here are this weeks goals:


Get John to install closet bar fastener

Organize craft items.

Clean Shower.

Find home for donations.

Clean off wood around island in kitchen.



Journal for all kids.

Blog on family blog.

Plan things to blog about for this week on this blog.

Get materials for Rachel’s project.

Scriptures/ensign q day.


Rachel-implement schedule

Ben-focus on theme each day for a minute to help him learn new vocab.

Lydia-edit with her.

Sam-read q day with him.