I don’t ever BUY books.  During the summer, with 4 kids, we usually get around 15 free books.  During the winter, we usually get 1 grown up hardback book to add to our collection.   It’s great and far better priced than the scholastic book club flyers that come home with your elementary aged kids ever will be.  Who can beat FREE?

The wintertime-earn your hardback book and a chance to win a free DVD has arrived!  In the KC metro area, Mid Continent Public Library System has launched the RAFT reading program (read aloud family time).  It’s so easy to earn a book.  Here  are the rules.  But, in a nutshell, you sign up on line.  You read 2 chapter books to your family and bam-you’ve got yourself a new book.  Every year it’s different.  We earned Swiss Family Robinson and Jungle Book the past couple of years.  This year, it’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  If you read more than the 2 minimum, you can add extra golden tickets to boost your chance of winning the DVD.  Happy reading!  (If your kids are small, there are chapter books that count that are super simple–like Amelia Bedelia–ask your librarian–they just have to have separate chapters.)