Years ago, I was hired at Deseret Book for the holiday season.  I’ve always loved Deseret Book and working there was really fun for me.  I loved reading the cheesy romantic lds novels growing up.  While working on a birthday gift for our oldest-I inquired about a place that engraves names on books/scriptures or other things.  I found out that there is an LDS bookstore in Liberty called Eden Bookstore.  Who knew that we had a local Deseret Book?  The inventory is not quite like it is in UT certainly.   I know there are definitely mixed reviews of this store.  However, I was so happy to be able to pickup some church materials unavailable at church distribution.   Being over 900 miles from SLC-this local LDS bookstore met my expectations.  They don’t have EVERYTHING but they can order anything in and will match Deseret Book pricing–even the romantic (very predictable but clean) LDS romance novels if I wanted.  For our purposes, we found inexpensive church distribution scriptures that we were able to have embossed.   I’m happy!  I give them a thumbs up.   Click here for hours etc.  If you are in Liberty, MO–and need a deseret book fix big enough to last you until your next UT trip-go and check it out.  Their hours are kind of limited so double check before going to make sure they are open when you want to be visiting!