Generally, I’d never recommend getting a credit/debit other than the one you use regularly.   John was not happy with me when I opened up a target red card.  But, as time has passed I’m loving the benefits of my Target red card and John has come to terms with it too after I carefully explained the benefits of it.  My Target Red Card is actually a debit check card and connects to your bank card.  It’s processed like a check (you actually have to a check to open the account).  I shop @ Target all of the time.  During the holidays-you can get free shipping using your target red card.  My online Target purchases gives me free shipping and an extra 5% off all purchases instore and online.    So when I shop online-I go through which redirects me to the target site.  During the holidays I get a 6% rebate through them.  This makes for an awesome deal.  I save about $1 every time I go into the store and if I don’t want to take my 4 kids with me-I see if I can get things shipped to me.  If you live close to a Target or shop there often-it may be worth looking into.