With a reminder of the daylight savings time change-I read online a reminder to change your smoke detector battery.  It really is a wise piece of advice.  I don’t think we had ever changed our batteries in the 2 1/2 years we’ve lived here.  On a particularly wakeful night (meaning baby Ben wanted to grace is with his presence all night) we were reminded of the wisdom of this reminder.  Ben had woken up a couple of times.  Then, after he was finally asleep and I had drifted off….the smoke detector low battery alarm went off and kept going off until John finally got up and changed it.  ANNOYING!  Learn from my negligence!  If you didn’t change your battery @ daylight savings time-maybe you should change it now or set a specific reminder that you do it every year so you don’t have to be reminded by the smoke detector that the battery is low.