No-not really trying for a Brittany Spears moment….just realizing that oops–I made another mistake  here in blog world and thought I’d post a little retrospective and prospective apology for messups.   I could point out the specific mistake, but I’ll just say-please note ALL dates when looking @ things going on this weekend for example.  I did a fairly thorough job of posting things happening in the community but when it came to saying this is happening TODAY (Friday) vs TOMORROW (Saturday) I kind of tossed them all together and realized while hearing the Parkville fireworks in my living room (on FRIDAY NOT SATURDAY) that I had posted that incorrectly and my planned attendance had been hindered by my own mistake.  My oops list has lengthened- so dear reader-please be patient as I’m doing my best to post things in between diaper changes and a whiny teething toddler who has been waking me up all night.