John does all of our car maintenance.  The baby of our vehicles had 153,000 miles on it for a while and we’ve never so much as set foot in a mechanic shop other than for inspections.  So, in the past, we’ve purchased a good part of our parts from Walmart.  As we’ve gotten less and less enchanted by Walmart and started looking elsewhere for parts, we’ve found yet another evidence that Walmart is not always the cheapest.  We were lured into Advance Auto to get oil and filters.  It became our NEW place to get filters.  While fishing around on line for cheap oil/filters, I ran across promo codes like crazy for Advance Auto.  So, we saved money on top of saving money.

Recently, since I’ve become shopathome crazed, I  discovered-I can earn 6% cash back on top of saving $20 on a purchase of $75 (these were parts John needed anyway)….AWESOME!  John has been properly schooled now in shopathome.  He helped a fellow resident with his waterpump today and had him buy it through  YAY John!  Saving $$$ is so fun!  If you are interested in trying out shop at home, click here.