Our dishwasher died.  How timely!  It was leaving a big pool of water on the bottom of it and the dishes weren’t getting cleaned.  We dipped into our emergency fund for the occasion and started looking around.  Home Depot had their appliances for a really great early black Friday deal and we found one that was energy efficient.  Shipping was free.  We saved $50 buying it around black Friday.  We went through http://www.shopathome.com to get 3% money back.  3% isn’t that much but 3% of $250 is still around $7 bumping my accumulated purchases-money back to $20….WAHOO!  I’ll be getting a check in the mail for $20 sometime in January.

If you aren’t familiar with http://www.shopathome.com, it’s a great way to save money on a lot of things you purchase anyway and get cash back.  You go to http://www.shopathome.com, and you can search for any store (Old Navy, GAP, Walmart, Target etc. etc.etc.).  There are many many stores listed and the % money back varies from store to store.  Sometimes, they’ll have a double cash back day for a certain store….At any rate, from here you can access any current promotions/promo codes/or coupons.  You’ll then click on shop now and it will automatically redirect you to  the given store’s website and you can proceed as you normally would.  However, after completing your purchase (within 30 days) you’ll see whatever percentage advertised cash back on your shopathome account rewards balance.    Once your account has accumulated $20 they’ll send you a $20 check!  It’s really great.  Also, you get referral rewards for referring your friends after they make their first purchase.  If you wanted to jump on the bandwagon–click here.

Our dishwasher started it all.  I’m kind of obsessed now and discovering that there are a lot of things that we were going to get anyway, and I just go through shop at home and earn $$$$.  Look for a post this next week about how we saved a ton of money on parts for car maintenance–was SHOPATHOME involved?  Yes mam!  Is it too good to be true?  It seems like it- but it is legit.  I’ll let you know when I get my first check.  This is a similar site also legit.  Enjoy getting cash back!