Every year, we get our family pictures taken.  It’s really a moment marker.  The kids show how old they are by their reactions in the pictures.  It’s kind of interesting.  There are so many talented photographers in this digital age.  I’d love to get an outdoor shot with the family or some candids.  I’m sure there are some people who are reasonable.  However, cheap pictures are justified in the budget.

I thought I’d pass this place along because we have been very happy going here for years.  It’s a place called Portrait Innovations.  It is nationwide.  They do holiday photos if you’d like.  You get more pictures than you’d ever need (1-10×13 2-8×10, 4-5×7, 4-4×5, 32 wallets, 5 greeting cards, and a mug with a picture on it) for $10–NO SITTING FEES.  I think right now you have to print out a $5 coupon (on their site) to get the $10 deal otherwise it’s $15.  But they do a great job.  Another thing I love is that they print out your pictures there and you don’t have to wait 3 weeks to get them.  If you are looking for a cheap way for a family photo update…click here and check it out.