I had forgotten about this until John called me but Sutherlands is having an amazing produce sale right now. Apples are .25/lb. Kiwis .15 ea. Oranges .25/lb etc. Also-on Friday you can get 20% off anything that fits in your shopping cart!

If you aren’t familiar with Sutherlands, it is a home improvement store like Home Depot. Just before Thanksgiving, they have “fresh fruit Friday…through Thanksgiving” where they have a whole lot of fresh fruit on sale. Their friends and family program is great. You earn 5% back on all purchases—you get a store credit with your 5% twice a year and about 4-5x’s a year they have triple/quadruple rewards where you can earn 20% cash back (if you are buying a hot water heater etc. that can be significant)…

John was there about an hour ago, and I don’t know if it was pretty picked over or not but they close at 8:00.