What a great time of year to clean things out just prior to a new installment of new toys and things around the house.

Why Craig’s list?

  • I think it’s nice to post things on Craig’s list just to see if you can get a little bit of $$$$ for something you wanted to get rid of anyway.
  • It’s a great time of year to post things especially toys because $$$$ is tight and people are looking for inexpensive gifts.
  • You can advertise to thousands of people without the work it takes to put together a garage sale–it’s too cold anyway.

Craig’s list/freecycle/or simply donating things will get things out of your house and give you more space for your Christmas treasures.  Freecycle or donating to various charitable organizations is wonderful.  If you don’t feel like spending the time taking a picture and posting it-go with a donation.  However, craig’s list is pretty simple.  Here are some things that have helped us sell things on craig’s list.

  • Pictures are a must.  When I look @ postings without a picture, I usually don’t look twice.
  • When you take the picture, make sure it is in a clean environment–no clutter at all in the proximity.  If you have been storing it in the garage, pull it out for the picture.
  • Be very professional-make sure not to misspell words like LOSE vs loose.
  • Be safe.  You could meet someone @ a predetermined location to exchange the items, if you don’t feel comfortable with people coming to your home.  If you choose not to meet somewhere, arrange the meeting when your spouse is home.  If that’s not an option-tell your neighbors that a said person is coming to your home @ a certain time.
  • Enjoy the extra cash!  WAHOO!

I love Craig’s list!  If you have experience in selling things on Craig’s list–feel free to share any advice!