I have some fun decorating plans for Christmas for the girls room. I found some awesome comforters that are navy blue with bright pink, turquoise, orange, and green poppies. So, I’ve been looking for other things that I could use to accent the room. I really like PRACTICAL things and hoped I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I’ve been wanting for some time something to hang up and organize our hairbows because they are terribly disorganized and stuffed in a shoebox container. I can’t ever find the matching one etc. So, I looked up ideas of how to make hair bow holders and I loved this one:


The frame I found was not quite as ornate as the one in the tutorial but it worked well nonetheless. The other picture shows the fantastic art that my frame housed prior to dismantling it. (I’m contemplating what I could do with this…I’m sure I could recycle it somehow!) I solicited my very crafty friend Katie to help me and this is what we came up with. It cost me $2 for the frame—I bought it at a little hole in the ground thrift store. I used the same spray paint that we used for our shutters on the house. I bought the white rick rack and the turquoise ribbon (about $4) and Katie supplied the other ribbon materials. Most normally crafty people would probably have everything but the frame on hand. This has the potential to be a very inexpensive gift. Since this picture was made, I had John put the hardware back on and I glued on some orange flowers. It really is cute. I’m very proud of it and grateful for Katie’s insight. I’m inching closer to surmounting my craft incompetence!