Looking over my goals from last week…it looks like I did well with the kids and the house.  Did I neglect myself?  yes….We’ll do better this week! 


Edit something with Lydia x5.

Be consistent with piano x5.

Read with Sam x5.

Share something with Rachel x5.

Spend 5 minutes with Ben x5 just going over words.


clean tray on fridge

Vaccuum out the sliding glass door

Winterize garden

Put away Halloween decor and bring out Thanksgiving stuff.

Make menu for a month.


Color FHE packets and get them ready to be laminated–Heading to office depot today.  I don’t know if I finished but the kids were a great help.

Exercise x 3-exercised twice and worked very hard on house cleaning.  Does that count?

Work on continuing education.-didn’t happen.

Read scriptures every day-we’ll get there!

Do something special for John.-made a raspberry cheesecake.

Kids-I really liked last week’s goals.  I think it helped me focus on the kids.  I think I’ll repeat them.

Do something (whether it’s a game or painting toenails etc.) with Rachel q day.

Read to Ben and focus on words q day.

Edit with Lydia.

Read with Sam.


Vacuum x2 this week. 

Make some muffins and sourdough bread.


Get FHE packets laminated

Finish hair bow holder

Quilt quilt

Read scriptures q day

Exercise x 3