Our normal menu schedule is a little backwards this week but here’s the menu:

Sunday-Mediterranean potato salad with a roast


Tuesday-beef and cheddar enchiladas and cream of tomato soup–a very odd combo…nonethelesss…I made the soup because I had some tomatoes that were needing to be used and I couldn’t think of a more suitable side dish so that is what we had.  This soup is awesome….I didn’t even make it a cream of soup–left out the milk entirely and pureed it.  It really tickles my taste buds.  The recipe is here.
Wednesday-Today is Sam’s birthday.  His favorite food is pizza and they don’t have school the rest of this week.  Today is our Friday so pizza it is.  This is my personal favorite pizza recipe.

Thursday-Poppy seed chicken /w rice

Friday-left overs

Saturday-Lemon pepper grilled chicken /w parmesan potato wedges