I’ve have not posted my goals the past few weeks and have realized…I haven’t accomplished much either.    Here’s for making progress this week.


Clean bath/shower. 


Post things on Craig’s list and deliver or have picked up the things that I’ve saved to donate.  I’ve sold quite a few things and found a few more things that need to be sold.  Clean out before the holidays.

Dishes q night.  I’ve started to realize that if I don’t do the dishes every night-I spend a good part of my cleaning day the next day doing dishes and nothing else happens.  Boo-I guess this is a mandatory part of our cleaning schedule.


Scriptures q day.

Exercise x 3 this week.

Get halloween costumes completed.

Tie Ben’s Christmas quilt.


Have Sam read to me every night x 5.

Read to Ben q night x 5.

Do something creative with the kids–maybe even halloweenish.  I’m trying a lot harder to be creative.

Work with Lydia on the piano x 5.