I love garage sales!  There was a neighborhood garage sale this weekend.  I took the girls and we hit about 10 of them.  I found some treasures that I’m thrilled about.  My friend Andrea introduced me to garage sale-ing years ago in OH and my life has never been the same!  I thought I’d post some tips for anyone who hasn’t delved in this money saving venture.  Of course, this probably would be more beneficial at the beginning of the season rather than when it is starting to get cold outside.  At any rate….here are some thoughts about becoming a seasoned garage saler or sailor….

  • Make sure you aren’t just buying something for the sake of buying it.  I have a mental list of things that I’m looking for–this is good–better would be to make it a hard copy and stick it in my coupon book.  The saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” is true.  But, it can also be true that “one man’s junk can become another man’s junk.”  You don’t want to buy something only to take it home and have to put it in your next garage sale.
  • Go with limited $$$-it makes it easier to negotiate and some change. 
  • Ask if prices are negotiable.
  • Be reasonable when you negotiate. 
  • If you buy a lot of something-you can ask for a deal because you are buying a lot.  I found jewelery this weekend.  I bought 5 necklaces, 4 bracelets and a ring.  Originally priced @ $1 ea-she sold them to me for .50!  WAHOO!
  • Don’t dress too nicely when you go out.
  • Be friendly.
  • Set a # on how many you are going to go to.  You could be out all day if not.
  • Neighborhood yardsales are nice because you don’t have to waste gas driving between places and you can hit quite a few in a small geographic area.  Craigslist is a good place to look under garage sales.  Keep your eyes open for signs too.
  • Don’t go very far to hit a garage sale.  Gas is expensive.  Garage sales should be saving you $$$ not costing you.
  • Have fun!  Don’t give up because the first garage sale was not worth going to!