I thought I’d do an infomercial tonight about the world’s greatest prewash treatment:  Fels Naptha.  It’s kind of old timer’s soap…but it works wonders.  Tonight, Lydia got ketchup all over her white shirt.  I rinsed it out quickly and rubbed Fels naptha all over it.  No stain!  If you haven’t heard of this stuff-it’s amazing!    I’ve even washed and dried things with a presumed stain-wet it a little rubbed fels naptha on it-rewashed it, and voila-the stain is gone.  I got mine @ Kroger years ago-it’s lasted me 5 years.  But, most grocery stores care it.  It cost less than $2.  You would find it in the laundry section.  It’s a bar of soap.  You could probably even find it at Walmart.  Pretty awesome stuff!