Between looking for good deals and taking care of my family, I do live in a bit of a bubble.  I was semi aware that the republican debate took place a couple of days ago although I didn’t watch it.  I’ve seen snippets of facebook updates from friends reaffirming their christian status being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I’m assuming Romney’s religion was discussed.  (if you’d like to fill me in-I’d be interested).  To hopefully reacquaint myself with what is happening in the world, I read a couple of things very briefly just now.  I came across this article which I thought was very concise and explained the outcome of the debate.  If you live in a bubble too-it only took a second to read-read it or if you have a different article that you’d like to share-please reference it in your comment.   

I’m sure there was more to it than this article portrayed.  But, I feel I’ve done my duty…it was also a big wake up call as to the proximity of ELECTION DAY to today.  We don’t actually vote for Republican nominee until February.  I’m hoping to gather some info in the next few weeks as to what we will be voting on here in November.