I’m very proud of my mom….after years of being in denial of every wanting to watch an English period drama…ie Pride and Prejudice, she FINALLY broke down and watched and liked it (might I add!).

This week has been unusual indeed as we’ve been inundated with movies.  We put a ton on reserve and they all came in at once–many on 14 day loan.  We haven’t made it through all of them yet but we watched a good part of PBS’s Sherlock put out in 2011.  It’s fantastic!  It’s a modern Sherlock who text messages his colleague and uses modern things like laptops and other technology….very interesting.  If you haven’t seen this  “Sherlock Holmes” starring Robert Downing Jr. also fairly new, I’d highly recommend it.  It’s about 98% clean with a one line reference that’s a little shady. 

Recently, we watched the folloowing:

Nacho Libre-John makes an awesome Jack Black “Ignacio” imitation.  This movie is fun.  We kind of got on a Jack Black kick and watched School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda afterward.

School of Rock-Jack Black is a little intense in this one.  I thought the story was fun though.  There are a few cussers in this one. 

Kung Fu Panda-very cute animated film.

Napoleon Dynamite-Some funny one liners.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid-also a Robert Redford film.  We’re kind of suckers for robbery movies.  This is a good one!

How to Steal a Million-with Audrey Hepburn…we really liked that one.  I don’t recall seeing it before so it was refreshing to see an old movie that was good and new to us.

Out of Africa-Robert Redford movie.  I really like Robert Redford. 

Adventure of Sherlock’s smarter brother-John said this is pretty funny although I have a problem lately of falling asleep during movies.  Gene Wilder is in this.  Obviously, we’ve been on a Sherlock roll.  I seem to remember a scene in this movie that wasn’t squeaky clean.  The main girl also plays the role of fiance in the movie “what’s up Doc?”  It made me want to rewatch that one too!  That is a great classic!

Start the revolution without me.  Gene Wilder is in this too.  It’s pretty funny and quite quotable.

Castaway cowboy-has James Garner in it.  Kind of a different kind of cowboy movie where an navy deserter ends up in the Hawaiian islands and tries to train a bunch of islanders to cowboy up and catch cows. 

We got the “forysyte saga” in and we were going to watch it but realized that seasons 2 and 3 have gotten here and 1 hasn’t….

We’ve put a bunch of our favorite Halloween movies on reserve.  What are your favorites?