I’m sure this post may come as a moment of DUH…but this will be yard altering for us….we had a bit of a tragic…run over the tricycle wheel moment about a month ago…It isn’t salvagable and it’s just been sitting in our garage taking up space.  So, FINALLY, I scheduled a bulk trash pick up.  I was very pleased to see the following list of things the city will also pick up:

Air conditioner Appliance–heater (fuel drained)
Appliance–microwave oven Appliance–refrigerator or freezer
Appliance–stove, washer, dryer, etc. Basketball goal
Bathroom–tub, sink or toilet/commode Bed–mattress/box springs
Bed–metal headboard, footboard, frame Bed–wood headboard, footboard, frame
Bicycle Building material–boards/plywood/panel
Building material–gutter, pipe Building material–metal or metal fence
Countertops and cabinets Electronics–television or stereo system
Flooring–carpet, padding or large rug Flooring–tile, linoleum, vinyl
Furniture–chair or recliner Furniture–couch, sofa, loveseat, etc.
Furniture–metal (cabinet, table, etc.) Furniture–wood (cabinet, table, etc.)
Piano, organ or large musical keyboard Swimming pool or pool cover
Swing set or gym set (metal) Swing set or gym set (wood)
Trampoline Water heater
Wheelbarrow Window (with masking tape X)
Yard tool–mower, trimmer, tiller, etc.
 Other        If other, specify item:  (Be sure it’s an approved item)

We have the better part of a swing set sitting in our back yard that has been taken apart and put back together one too many times.  Getting rid of it will be so awesome!  Looking forward to october 18 and seeing my back fence sans swingset! If you live in KC and have something you really want to get rid of schedule your appt!  If you don’t live here, I’m sure your city probably has a similar bulk trash pick up.  Just google bulk trash pick up and your city name!  Let’s hear it for decluttering!  🙂