Many years ago, when I got married, I was skinny and fit!  I didn’t feel skinny and fit–always the fat complex…even when I wore a size zero.  Nonetheless, I had just returned from living in France as a missionary.  We biked a lot and I felt awesome–although I wasn’t inclined to model a swimming suit or anything….

The rest of my story is typical.  I got married.  I had 4 babies.  If one is the same weight after 4 babies…they are certainly not the same size!  🙂  This go around, I got really lucky.  My final addition, really liked to eat and as I was nursing-a whole lot of calories went to him.  Thank you Benjamin for allowing me to be the same weight again as I was when I married John 11 years ago.   

He just turned 1.  I am no longer nursing him as of about 3 weeks ago and I’ve gained 5 lbs since then.  AHHHHH!  So much for effortless weightloss.  I’m pretty stinking determined to not get fat again.  I guess this means, I have abandon my debaucherie of late eve eating and not exercising. 

I was introduced to a while ago from my sister.  It’s a website with a lot of fun features like

  • Personalized diet & fitness plans
  • Calorie counter, workout tracker, exercise demos & videos
  • Answers from our dietitians & trainers on message boards
  • Connect with others like you in our support teams

I never took this seriously…but I think I’m going to look into again. Wish me luck!  I’m wanting to get fit NOW not wait until January 1!   The weather’s beautiful…I need to seize the day and get out on my bike, or running, or something to expend some calories.