A box fan is one of our favorite friends.  As hilarious as this may sound, every bedroom in our house is fully equipped with a fan and a nightlight.  Yes, this is true.  John and I sleep with white noise and a night light.  It almost makes me doze thinking of it’s comforting hum!  LOL 

Truly, a box fan is a very inexpensive way to allow my husband to get some sleep after he’s been on call all night.  The screaming (happy or sad…), chasing children’s noises are all drowned in the hum of the fan.  We even used to live near a daycare.  If you know me well, you know that I’m quite dependent on my 20 minute power nap.  The box fan could even drown out the daycare children behind the apt.  I still got my nap!  🙂  That is truly a great investment.  Hurray for the box fan!  Someday, I’ll shake the hand of the person who invented it!