Stockpiling is a great term for buying large quantities of a given item when they are at rock bottom prices.  Stockpiling allows me to make my menu almost primarily from what we have on hand and thus saves me from spending our hard earned cash money!

There is a bit of a strategy in knowing when is the best time to stockpile different items.  My friend Katy is publishing a book on the topic.  I haven’t had the chance yet to peruse her book “Month buy Month“.    I’m sure she has a lot more insight to offer than I, yet I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about when to stockpile different things.  This time of year really stands out a lot for certain things.  I haven’t figured out yet when the best time of year is for buying pasta…it’s just random.  There are a few others too that I haven’t pinpointed exactly the optimal timing for purchase.  Here are some things that stand out in my mind.

May-Strawberries are cheap (can get them for about .99/lb in most places).  You can’t really “stockpile produce” but if you get it cheap enough you can make jam!

August-school supplies are the rock bottom prices.  It’s amazing what you can get for nothing (pretty much).  This year, I looked a little closer @ Staples and Office Max/Depot–got some great deals!

September-Beans, Tomatoes are great deals.  Stock up.  We buy enough to last us until next September.  They have a great shelf life.  Squash is also cheap.  Enjoy spaghetti squash and all other kinds of squash goodness.  Apples should be cheap right now (still waiting for an extraordinary deal…is it coming?).  I remember buying 50# when I was 8 1/2 mos pregnant with Sam and canning applesauce.  Effective produce stockpiling.  New Crop Potatoes should be in now too.

October-things like Apple Cider/Juice are good deals.  One can purchase REALLY cheap candy right after halloween.  Pumpkin should go on sale sometime in October or November.

November-thanksgiving—BAKING ITEMS are hot commodities.  Get your flour, sugar, pumpkin, baking soda, baking powder, powdered sugar etc…

December-I don’t buy oranges until December 1.  Love oranges and clementines.  I don’t stockpile them but buy them and eat like crazy!  YUM!

Stockpiling has really changed the way I do my menu.  I could probably go for 3 weeks without going to the store (except for milk and fresh produce for snack) and we’d be fine.  I’m looking forward to the next few months of really perking up my pantry!  Take inventory of yours and see what you need…it’ll probably be rock bottom price soon!