Most of the time, checkers are all created equal.  However, if you have a lot of coupons, if it is double coupon day, you are price matching, or if you don’t have an in ad coupon-but are hoping to get the in ad coupon price, choosing your checker wisely can be to your benefit.  It sounds really weird and I don’t spend a great deal of time doing this…but I’ve found that young males are far more lenient in accepting coupons and working with you than anyone else.  They don’t really seem to care or seem to be in awe of you that you really would buy 4 cases of tomato sauce. 

This weekend, Hyvee had a great in ad coupon for eggs for .66 (compared to the 1.69 I paid last weekend).  I wanted to get at least 2 dozen.  I had one in ad coupon and asked if I could just use the plu you # to get the 2nd one for the same price.  Wish granted.  Checking out the checker can indeed save you money and some grief.