Today is 9/11.  I’m sure most adults remember where they were when they heard about the twin towers.  What a tragedy for our nation.  Ten years have passed already.  It’s amazing!  This morning I was watching some of the commemoration online.  My oldest daughter came in and saw that I was all teary eyed.  She quietly asked me why I was watching something that made me cry.  I tried to explain to her and I kind of lost it.  I could hardly speak through my tears explaining what a sad series of events happened that day.  I did my best to explain how many a brave firefighter and policeman lost their lives that day amongst the nearly 3,000 casualties.  I think 9/11 has been engraved in all of our memories.  I will forever remember the sense of horror I felt on that day and how sad I was for those who were personally affected by the destruction.  My little Lydia is pretty sensitive.  She was very quiet for a while and then she told me her whole rest of her day was ruined by the sadness. 

We heard a great talk about joy today.  The speaker focused on finding joy despite the sadness.  Indeed 9/11 was a tragedy.  Every family faces these tragedies periodically.  Fortuneately, most of our family tragedies are not on the same scale as 9/11.  Nonetheless, especially in the moment, these tragedies are very real and can challenge even the best of our core beliefs.  Circumstances surrounging our move to Phoenix were very heartbreaking.  In the same time frame, my 35 yo brother Joe suffered a stroke and past away.  My dad had a stroke last summer and past away.  All of these events have been all consuming.  Like 9/11-I can remember exactly how I felt at these given moments.  It seems amazing to me that life continues when in the midst of personal catastrophe.  The CVS ad still came out on Sunday.  The clocks all kept ticking while inwardly time had stopped. 

Slowly, I think we’ve all slowly put 9/11 behind us.  With time, our personal tragedies seem less overwhelming.  We pick up the pieces and move on hoping to glimpse @ the great deals held in store for us in the CVS ad or find out the time from the ever ticking clocks.  The key to strategic living is to live in the moment, finding something to be joyful about and going forth with faith.  To live in the moment entails enjoying the little ones while they are little-and not wishing their diaperhood away. 

Going forward sometimes means only one footstep at a time.  Right now, I am grateful to report a calm in between some storms in the Craw household.  But, I know so many having some major life altering trials.  I have a great friend in AZ with a little guy who was just diagnosed with cancer.  Check out her blog here.   I have another friend from highschool whose daughter was also diagnosed with cancer.  I can’t fathom the difficulty of such things.  But, I’m always amazed at how my own trials have helped me to be more empathetic to those around me.  I’m also amazed to see God’s hand in our trials allowing us to meet someone we are supposed to meet or learn something that we will help us in the next trial match.  I refuse to allow my personal weakness and trials to “ruin” the rest of my day/life.

I know that God is aware of us and what each of us is going through.  I count my many blessings.  May He continue to watch over us and especially those those who are currently facing tragedy.