‘Tis the season to find good clearance racks!  Fa la la la la la la la la!  What better time to spice up your summer garb than now–you can still wear most summer things for another 2 months?  Even then, you could wear something long sleeved underneath if it is too chilly and layer.  

It is truly thrilling to buy very fashionable apparel very inexpensively.  However, I’ve noticed that while I am getting  5 shirts for only $2 ea (just an example), I’m still spending $10.  Are you buying it because it cost ONLY $2 or because you love it?  or will it go with a great skirt you have at home that needs a nice top to go with it?  Usually, my impulse buying revolves around ONLY paying $2 for something.  Note to self:  take inventory before going and look for things that will really accent my current wardrobe.

I just spent the past hour going through my clothes.  I’ve realized, there are quite a few that I never wear and still like.  I had totally forgotten about.  It kind of made me sad that summer is almost over and I didn’t wear some things like I might have wanted to had I remembered them.  Then, I also noticed there are some things that I never wear and most likely never will.  (Time to purge some clothes I think!)  It really is amazing what treasures are hidden in the closet!