Period dramas are fun at least for us Craws!!  A game that we love to play is to figure out what other movies different actors are from.  John is much better than I at this game.  The number of English films with which we are familiar has doubled, tripled etc. so now it’s much harder because the actor pool is so much larger.  Here are some English films that we’ve recently watched and really enjoy.

the Young Victoria

the new Emma

Larkrise to Candleford

Pride and Prejudice (of course)-Our favorite is the 5 hour version with Colin Firth

Sense and Sensibility both the one with Hugh Grant and the newer one.  I think I prefer the newer one.

Persuasion-I like the old persuasion.  The newer one has too many moving running scenes.  But, the music is good!

Little Dorrit-so good—it’s a Dickens…the main guy is Mr. Darcy from the Kierra Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice.

Bleak House-I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this film.  I thought it was going to be very bleak.  It was a fun movie with lots of episodes.

Downton Abbey-This was a great movie.  There is a bit of a brief gay scene that I wasn’t expecting where you see 2 men kissing.  But over all it is very interesting but should have stopped after the 2nd season.  I think it turned into a soap opera after that and we quit watching it.

Daniel Deronda-I liked this movie a lot.  In fact, I learned a bit more about jewish history than I knew from this movie.  Well done!

He knew he was right-Loved this movie.  It portrayed well how one can let a little thing that bugs in a relationship spiral out of control if we let it.


North and South (not to be confused with the North and the South)

Wives and Daughters

Some movies–also mostly English but a little faster moving and a different style, that have made our list include:

Lorna Doone-starring Martin Clunes

The importance of being earnest

Foyle’s War

Horatio Hornblower

John Adams

Jeeves & Wooster-seasons 1 & 2

Amazing Grace

1st and 2nd disc of Dinner of Herbs they should have stopped after disc 2 but it’s an interesting story nonetheless.

this is not English but takes place in Africa…also a series but for something different:

No. 1 ladies detective agency-I think HBO may have made this…I’m not sure.  I read the books first for a book club years ago.  They were very quick reads and very different from your run of the mill book.  It takes a little bit of time to get into the movie (mostly because it is so different) but it is well done and the main charactor is very clever indeed.

Sherlock: love it!  This is really fun modern version of Sherlock Holmes.

Upstairs Downstairs:  haven’t seen yet

Call the Midwife: haven’t seen yet

THIS IS NOT BRITISH but the Kennedys was really interesting and thought provoking.  This had Katie Holmes in it and Greg Kinnear.  It spurred a lot of questions and prompted a whole lot of research.