Used up my cilantro last week.  Made some homemade salsa!  Used some basil in my pizza dough, on my pizza and in a few other things!  No produce went bad on my watch this week except for some uneaten grapes I found in a container in the church bag (from last week–NASTY).   Trying to not go to the store other than my potato and roast run today so I’m hoping to find other things for the kids to snack on.  I think I’ll experiment with sourdough.  I’ve used it a little bit. 

Sunday:  Upside down pizza

Monday: Empanadas

Tuesday:  Enchiladas

Wednesday:  Craw surprise….Ok…I’m going to be forthright with this one.  I planned my menu for the whole next month (tentative).  This is the only day I am struggling for a good veggie meal (Wednesday is vegetarian day afterall).  I had a bunch of great ideas on facebook for some yummy things but some of the things, I don’t have and I’m determined not to go shopping until Thursday.  So….Craw surprise it is for tomorrow! 

Thursday:   Breakfast Pizza

Friday:  Tuscan Tomato Soup–John is on call so I’m making soup.  He doesn’t care for soup.  Although we normally eat pizza on Friday-I’m switching this up.

Saturday:  Navajo tacoes….this was on my menu a few weeks ago.  I made double chili so I could just have an easy dinner.  Our little hungry monsters and my big hungry monster ate it so we’ll be making chili again.  (I’m glad they liked it though).