Goals for the week.  Here are 10:


Vacuum out crumbs in island cabinet.

Reorganize stuff on top of the refridgerator.

Dishes before bed q night.

Clean out under the burners on stove top.

Mop the floor.  This should happen every week and didn’t this week. 


Work on continuing ed.  Finish module.

Read scriptures every day.

Post baby items on Craig’s list.


Read to Ben every day.

Schedule a photo shoot for Ben and Rachel.

Complete with Lydia her home challenge.

Read with Sam.

Follow Up on Last Week’s Goals:

House-I was very motivated this last week and even relished in my clean garbage cans–this job REALLY needed to be done.  Glad I can proudly cross it off.

Clean sliding glass door

Garbage cans


Vacuum underneath couch cushions



Exercise every day at least 20 minutes-terrible this week…I checked the mail every day.  Does that count?  Uggh!

Scriptures q day-fair job done…not every day.  We’ll stick it on the goal list for next week.

Complete one section of continuing education-thought about it…it didn’t happen.


Activity with each child every day.  Went pretty well this week-I think I did every child.  I can’t believe I’ve never sung popcorn popping to my baby until this week.  Good goal!

Make healthy after school snack-I didn’t really like this goal.  The kids usually eat something healthy after school.  I think I’ll change it to read-have a snack ready for the kids when they come home each day.